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  • specializes in offering a wide range of power inverters. Power inverters are electrical devices designed to convert direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC). DC is the power that is produced by batteries and solar panels while AC is the standard power needed to run electrical equipment. A power inverter does the opposite of a rectifier and is used in places & situations where AC power is not available. Power inverters come in different shapes and capacities. The conventional models are small rectangular boxes with an attached wire and jack that can be plugged into the cigarette lighter port on the dashboard of a car. Some models have jumper cables that can be connected directly to battery terminals. The Exeltech XP 1100 is a pure sine wave inverter. The XP 1100 can be used to power most electronic devices that require an alternating current (AC) to operate. Televisions VCRs radios computers and phones can all be powered & batteries charged using this device without any complications. The Exeltech XP 1100 is lightweight but rugged enough to operate efficiently in most extreme environments and is ideal for marine land & military applications but can also be used in a home. The size of the unit's case is 3.7 inches by 7.69 inches by 15.05 inches weighs 10 pounds and is finished in painted aluminum. A specially designed non-linear controlled loop enables the XP 1100 to maintain a spectrally pure output regardless of the load. Under optimal conditions the full rated power output is at a continuous 86°F. The Samlex PST 150S 24A 1500-Watt pure sine wave inverter (24VDC to 120VAC) is a DC-AC inverter with an extremely high efficiency rate that converts 24 Volts direct current (DC) to 1500 Watts of pure sine wave alternating current (AC) power at 120 Volts and 60 Hz. Features include a switching mode design a low idle power draw of less than 0.8 Amps and high output current surge.
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