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PCE Instruments UK Ltd.

Southampton, Hampshire, SO31 4RF

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The wide range of test instruments that we offer can be used for handheld mobile testing in the field, fixed installed continuous reliable measurements at your job site or facility, or entire systems designed for your particular application. Call us today

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  • PCE Instruments UK Ltd.
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  • Units 12/13 Southpoint Business Park Ensign Way
    Southampton, Hampshire, SO31 4RF
    United Kingdom

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  • Test Instruments, Control Systems, Scales and Laboratory Equipment
    PCE Instruments is your global source for test instruments and digital measurement equipment device sales and service. PCE Instruments is a manufacturer of a wide range of test instruments (handheld and fix installed) for nearly all measurement parameters. We distribute our devices direct to you from our online catalog, and also sell top quality products made by other first class manufacturers.
    The wide range of test instruments that we offer can be used for handheld mobile testing in the field, fixed installed continuous reliable measurements at your job site or facility, or entire systems designed for your particular application. Call us today and let us be your solution for virtually any parameter of material, force or particle measurement, or problem isolation.
    In the modern technical world, it is impossible to imagine a professional without appropriate kit of high quality testing equipment, tools and supplied accessories (probes, plus, connectors etc.). Test instruments manufacturer: Testers for vibration, force, temperature, water quality, power, ...)Knowledge plus designed for professional application multifunctional testers and test instruments help to achieve the best results in monitoring different processes, detection and elimination of all possible problems, including voltage drops, force, power, current, isolation leaks; these test instruments help to check the battery life, cable quality, to detect moisture, pressure, temperature, force, humidity, vibration levels and more. We should not forget about taking measures of precaution when it goes about life quality. One of the topical issues is water quality – and that is where the testing instruments is “in the game again”. Thus, there is probably no sphere where the testing equipment would not be necessary.
    Our devices are of the highest industry standards, and primarily are used for quality control and product testing in industrial settings, scientific research facilities, commercial applications, also government institutions, professional sports and outdoor activities, and in military operations. For sure, our test instruments may be applied in education for demonstration and electrical tests or used by, e.g. electricians for electrical installations in their daily work. Environmental testing solutions
    Since solar energy is gaining more and more “weight” in the modern world, there are also special testing kits for those who deal with the “solar world” and need special test instruments for installation or testing of the solar panels. All test instruments are delivered manufacturer calibrated. PCE Instruments is certified to the highest industry standards in all of our measuring instruments. The test instruments are used in the HVAC systems (heating, ventilation, air conditioning), and since energy saving is of pivotal importance on the global level, it is a must to use the latest and most progressive equipment in this sphere.
    Together with the device you will receive a protocol of control, calibration and verification done by our quality certified associates. At PCE Instruments we are constantly updating devices and innovating new test instruments for the industry. We provide our customers laboratory capacities to calibrate the test instruments according to ISO, NIST, DAkkS. Our qualified professional associates can also have the test instruments verified legal for trade.
    PCE Instruments is also a consultancy company and provides services for custom instrument design, installation, calibration, maintenance and on/off site monitoring. One of our associates can provide you with the support you need to tackle that large project or installation. Over 20 years in the industry, and the hundreds of combined years' experience of our associates can solve any measurement knowledge deficit or information flow issue large or small. We are interested not only in the test instruments sales, but also in the development, growth and search for new solutions. Our colleagues attend training courses regularly in order to keep up with the modern technical innovations and developments and carry out constant modernizations in the electronic and digital test instruments in order to provide our customers with the testers in which the long-term stability, repeatability of measurements (good precision), resolution and accuracy are of a primary importance.
    PCE Instruments is based in Germany (headquarter). With 11 subsidiaries all over the world, we are expanding our global reach to better serve the expanding global industry. Call or email us today and browse our wide range of benchmark industry standard equipment. Test, Test, Test - PCE is all about Test instruments. There are products of all price ranges, so that you could find the most suitable option for solving your problem.
    Test Instruments Calibration
    All test instruments, scales and balances represented for sale by PCE Instruments as manufacturing company and test instruments supplier are precalibrated (manufacturer calibrated). In case you need a special calibration certificate, we have the ability to do the ISO 9000-, QS 9000-, Test Instruments ISO Certificate GLM-, DAkkS-, UKAS-, NIST- Certification / Calibration for the test instruments as an option. The calibration certificates for test instruments, measuring instruments, scales and balances do have worldwide acceptance (for example: ISO is accepted in the U.S. as equal to NIST) and validity.
    The DIN ISO test instruments calibration process explained when ordering a thermometer: The Test Instruments DAKKS Certificate customer orders an industrial thermometer with ISO calibration certificate. The laboratory calibrates this thermometer at two temperature points (the customer can e-mail two temperature points he wishes to us, example: -10 °C and +60 °C (in case no data is given, two standard temperatures are chosen). The calibration procedure will be documented and the customer will receive a special test report including company name and address and reference test instruments used while testing.
    Some of the test instruments and scales and balances are verifiable (may be for use in trade = legal for trade). Mainly in commercial use when the test instruments or balances are used to determine the price of goods to be sold, it is required to have the instruments verified as legal for trade. The verification must be renewed after a certain time period. Also in case the product has to be repaired, a re-verification must be done to make sure that the test instruments are in accurate condition. So the approval is valid.
    For adjusting / calibrating of scales and balances class II, we use the postal area code. Why? These balances have to be adjusted for their location & geological height) of use, due to the varying influence of gravitational forces.
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