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The advantages of purchasing through the Process Equipment Network

Scale economies or “purchasing power”, technical savings and improved Total Cost of Ownership or TCO

Members of the Process Equipment Network are all qualified professionals providing quality products and services. Using our  Matchmaker Inquiry Form you can be assured to be connected with the most suitable suppliers for your project. You can send your inquiry to  one supplier or to all suitable suppliers that match your search criteria.

Greater negotiating power, More orders for our Members, Technically High Standard Products at Lower prices

  • Inquiries originating from this network ensure the best prices and conditions.  Suppliers know the advantages of receiving inquiries through the network  and will always make their best technical offers/proposals to you as a  buyer. The group or network offers an increase in purchase volume to Member Suppliers that will enable them to offer quality goods  or services at lower prices to what could be obtained by individual companies working alone. Savings in purchasing costs can be and can range from 10% to 35%.

Scale economies or “purchasing power”

  • The advantage of purchasing a group is the scale economy. The volume of the aggregated purchase demands, such as a network of businesses coming together to purchase supplies, gives the individual businesses access to scale economy and consequent purchasing power that they could not hope to obtain alone.

Member Review - Quality At High Standards

  • Process Equipment Directory Suppliers Members have defined exactly what quality is and are committed to that quality. Obviously, no-one is perfect and mistakes can be made but with the right attitude, mistakes are tracked and corrected. The Process Equipment Directory Review System acts as a quality circle that improves the quality of products and services by Process Equipment Directory Members constantly.

Process Equipment Directory Matchmaking Leads System

From  the Process Equipment Directory Account, it is possible to email leads,  inquiries, new contacts, etc. directly to Member Suppliers that precisely meet your search criteria. You can decide to mail to all matching  suppliers, to those in a specific country or area, or to just one  supplier. A perfect system for buyer/purchasers that effectively want to control their sourcing quality and costs.

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